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God Catching Alchemy meister(神採りアルケミーマイスター) is a game from Eushully.

[edit] Story Plot

In this story, the player plays as a young alchemist named Wilfred Dion. After losing his parents' last year, he was unable to complete the test to become an official alchemist. This year, he passes and begins his journey to becoming a great alchemist who dreams of putting a smile on the face of any customer who visits his shop! As if becoming an official alchemist of Yuidora wasn't enough, a strange girl with a sword shows up looking to repair her unique sword. Under the condition he repairs her sword, she easily willfully becomes his guard. Shortly after, a magician appears and forces her way into his party as a guard as well. Finally, with a close encounter with the dead, an elf appears and holds it at bay for them to escape. After meeting up and discussing the event, the elf joins your party as a guard as well. With three beautiful girls at his side, Wilfred explores the world, making friends with several angels, demons, mana, and a dragon!

[edit] Wiki Closure

Ross put together a very comprehensive spreadsheet of almost everything Kamidori. You can find it here.

The wiki's being otherwise closed due to annoyance of upkeep (spam bots), general lack of interest, and that the information can otherwise be found elsewhere.

[edit] Resources

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