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--Please do not link to downloads of the game here--


  • Thread with Translation Patch:


  • How do I install the game?
  1. Change your system locale to Japanese.
  2. Unpack the disc image, append packages, 2.0 update and translation patch.
  3. Mount the disc image and install the game by running the setup.exe inside the disk.
  4. Run and install in the following order:
    1. kami_ap01.exe
    2. kami_ap02.exe
    3. kami_200.exe
  5. Copy the English patch to the installation folder, run and install
  6. Open AGE.EXE to play

  • How do I change my system locale to Japanese?

For Windows 7:

  1. Control Panel - Clock, Language and Region, Region and Language, Administrative Tab, Change system locale...
  2. Change 'Current Sysem Locale:' to 'Japanese (Japan)
  3. Apply and restart your computer

  • Can I use AppLocale to install/run the game?

For Kamidori, using AppLocale will lead to a broken installation

  • I get an archive error message when running the English patch

Patches may have been applied incorrectly due to failed installation. Rename the Kamidori installation folder from Japanese to English.



  • The game refuses to start

Somewhere along the line, some save files were corrupted in "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Eushully\神採りアルケミーマイスター\SAVE\"

A quick way to fix this is to delete the SAVE and TR files or you can cut and paste them elsewhere to test this solution.

Once you start the game, it will automatically create those files for you.

  • The game crashes at the intro

Codec-related issue which can be resolved by un-installing current codec pack and downloading/installating CCCP [1]

Can also be fixed by renaming the installation folder from Japanese to English.

  • Game crashes when moving from main menu

Font-related issue due to improper installation

Known Bugs

  • There are some behaviors that look like a bug in full version. They will be listed here.

1. Start a free map or replay other map. Open "Info" screen and click through some tabs there. Close "Info" screen and press End turn button. You get a "Level complete" message and you leave current level. [UNCONFIRMED]

2. According to Information section monster メサイチュエ(133) can be found only at シセティカ湖, but actually it is also found in ユソフ川の像土. Is this the Storm Dragon?

3. Serawi route, 8th chapter. There is a quest when you need to go to elven elder and also make medicine. If you do it the opposite way, you will get stuck not being able to enter the village with elder. Fixed in patch 1.02.

4. Yuera route. 8th chapter. Quest for calming foxes with Kohakuren. There are unknown circumstances when you fail this map as soon as you enter the map. Fixed in patch 1.03.

5. Chapter 7 - Quest 143 [Present for a Wife] is uncompleteable. Reason - there is no recipe for the necklace and I can't find anywhere a drop from it - tried all regions. Not a bug - create an Angel Necklace one at at time until you get a Sanctified Necklace. 'Ten at a time works faster, also helps if your mutate rate is fairly high.'

6. I found untranslated part of the game - talking to Tian (the bar keeper) in the city in Chapter 2. The first time I talked to him the text was in english but the 3 next times I talked to him it was in Japanese and even the quest he gave me is in Japanese. Any idea how to fix it if its a bug (I tried reinstalling the game and putting my save games back but he still talks in japanese). That happened in New Game+. Fixed with the Text Fix for the EN patch.

7. Beshtora Seal (place in Yuidora Mine - from quest in Chapter 9 for defeating Asmodeus) is missing. I tried clearing all dungeons and completing all missions in them but still can't get in. I belive you have to change your characters clothing back to theyr orriginal clothing. (Asmodeus suppresses the manna that Will used to creat the 'new' armor.) (This worked for me. You must complete all the new dungeons up to the level 95 dungeon "Devil Bird Nest" Once you finish the stated dungeon it should appear in Yuidora Mine,level 70.)

8. Chapter 8 - Quest 107 [Soulseal Staff] is uncompleteable. Reason - Soulseal Staff was made but quest is still not completed. Put the hot spring in your yard.(Hot springs are able to be brought at Yuma Lake,for 10,000)

9. Not a gameplay bug, but this game seems to have compatibility problems with C-Media audio chips, specifically the CMI-8788 (HT Omega Claro, Auzentech X-Meridian, etc.), where the game audio stutters from time to time, and there is no apparent fix in either the game settings, or the audio driver. Someone please confirm this, as I am running Windows Server 2008 R2, which may contribute to the issue; however, the game works perfectly when I tried with VIA and Creative sound cards.

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